Ipek Köprülü’s work focuses on the idea of presence and absence, as well as the use and effect of technology in live and mediated performance. She explores differences in the viewer’s experience of her work when presented both in the digital and analogue domain. Köprülü uses photography, video and the internet to document and distribute her performances. These mediums play a significant role in her work and research.

Furthermore, Köprülü’s research investigates artistic representations of technology in relation to the body in performance. While her body is often the center piece of her performances, she also makes use of sculptural objects and technological appliances such as television sets, cameras, computers, videos and projections to engage with and create an interactive relationship with the spectator. In the words of Merce Cunnigham;

“I think it is livelier to have more than one activity going on at once, so that the eye and the ear of the spectator are not fixed, but are free to make for each observer his own experience.”

Köprülü’s aim is to rethink the relationship between the body, space and the audience within the context of her performances through an experimentation of interactions between different technologies, sculptural objects and the human form.